There is no doubt that Quake Champions is set to be a major step at revitalizing Quake eSports in a big way, and with the title soon to enter a closed-beta phase, the topic of eSports for Quake Champions is being brought up more and more.

Id Software has recently announced that a Quake Champions tournament will in fact be held at QuakeCon 2017 in August – before the official release of the title. Executive director, Time Willits recently stated in an interview with that “Quake has a long history of esports and we definitely want to work with a number of partners to ensure that we will have as many tournaments as possible.”

It was also stated that developers are looking to optimize certain game modes for eSports within Quake Champions, with ranked matchmaking to be available for a host of competitive game modes including Sacrifice.


Quake Champions is set to be a free-to-play game, however players who decide to play the “free” model only, will have to work towards unlocking other Champions. Buyers of the game will immediately receive all available Champions.

Quake Champions is expected to release sometime before the end of 2017, with a closed beta period officially kicking off in a few weeks.

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