If you are one of those LoL fans who enjoy to spectate as many different tournaments as possible, then this week bared some pretty unfortunate news for you. Due to a series of unfortunate events, League of Legends has officially been dropped from the Intel Extreme Masters Circuit for the current seasons. This of course comes as a huge hit to spectators of the eSport who enjoy to watch a large array of tournaments for the titles, aside from the LCS.

The final decision to drop the title was due to several different reasons; many of which simply due to how big of an eSport LoL has become since 2010, which has ultimately forced Riot to have more control over their game and the different tournament series it is featured in. With that said, scheduling conflicts were one of the more prominent factors behind the decision for the game to be dropped from the IEM Circuit. In the past, Riot had planned small breaks within the LCS season for teams to compete within the IEM Circuit if they so chose to, however this seems to no longer be the case moving forward.

Intel Extreme Master organizer “Blicharz” also stated that this seasons current prize pool for LoL events would likely not spark teams interests, which has also seemed to be a common trend throughout recent past seasons as the circuit seen several teams decline invitations. Other reasons which may or may not have lead to the decision of the title being dropped from the Circuit include long wait times in-between matches, technical issues, and a lack of help from Riot themselves to ensure the IEM LoL to be ran smoothly.


Intel Extreme Masters has always been a prominent circuit that has in a way, held LoL’s hand, ever since it’s early days as a growing eSport; but ultimately, the title and the LCS itself has grown so large and so successful that it’s seeming to have less of a place anywhere else aside from the LCS. While League of Legends may no longer be present in the Intel Extreme Masters, Riot has stated that they do plan to host more international events for the game, so definitely expect more exciting events to take IEM’s place.


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