Competitive Pokemon is not to be slept on, and has definitely been rapidly growing throughout the years, which each and every season featuring larger and larger prize pool events. This week however, registration has opened for the upcoming Pokemon Europe National Championships which will be held in London from November 17th-19th.  The event will feature the Pokemon Sun/Moon video games, as well as the trading card game, as players compete for their share of the overall $250,000 prize pool and championships points.

The event will not be featuring the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games, as not only to they release on the day the event begins, but are also not competitively viable until January 1st, 2018.  All of the event will be live-streamed with both VGC and TCG events being streamed; you’ll be able to catch the event from multiple live stream platforms, especially Twitch.TV.

For those of you who may be interested in attending the event, but are not looking to compete per-say, the event will also feature a number of side events which will be aimed more towards the casual audience, where entrants will likely have a shot at wining some Pokemon-themed goodies and swag.


The Pokemon Europe International Championships kicks off Friday November 17th at 8:30am GMT.

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