If you’re a Nintendo fan, odds are you caught that amazing Super Smash Bros. announcement a few months ago during one of Nintendo’s bigger Direct Presentations. That direct left many of us not only hype, but very optimistic for the future of Super Smash Bros. as well as the Nintendo Switch in general. Several weeks ago, Nintendo also announced their E3 plans, including when their live presentation will be taking place, their tree-house live event, and of course – their tournaments!

One of these tournaments in which were revealed to be a Super Smash Bros. Invitational; an event where invited competitors will all duke it out on the main-stage. While many of us have been wondering for sometime now who in fact the invitees would be for the event. today Nintendo finally confirmed who will be participating in the the invitational as well as a few more additional details. The players who will be participating in the invitational are as follows:


  • Armada
  • Abadango
  • MK Leo
  • Mango
  • Lucky
  • Plulp
  • Mr. R
  • Zer0


Overall it’s quite a lineup! While a lot of people have been wondering why several other big name Smash 4 players were not invited to the invitational, keep in mind that Nintendo has also announced that there will be exhibitions on-going during the event, with other invited guests who are likely to be announced at a later time.

Everything kicks off on June 12th at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California. It will definitely be an interesting and hype event for all fans of Super Smash Bros, so definitely be sure to tune in!

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