At least that’s what the HearthStone development team at Blizzard is going to be shouting at us for the next several weeks to a month. Yes, it’s that time of year again for Card Game players, new sets and expansions are beginning to role out for various types of games and HearthStone isn’t an exception!

After a few days of teasing, Blizzard has finally unveiled the second HearthStone expansion for 2018 which is entitled “THE BOOMSDAY PROJECT.” It’s a more “technical and scientific” themed expansion, kind of reminds many of Goblins vs Gnomes, however this set is much more creation focused with Dr.Boom seeming to be the main marketing character in all of this.

So, what’s new in this set you ask? Well for one, a new mechanic been added into the game for certain cards and it’s called “Magnetic” it’s a card effect much like the many others in the game, however this effect seems to be exclusive to “Mech” cards only. So what does it do? Consider it a fusion mechanic of sorts, have a minion on board with the same ability? You’ll be able to fuse those two minions together creating something brand new! The new minion will feature the added health and attack of both minions, while also obtaining both of their effects if they have any.


So what else? There are also brand new theme of card entitled “Omega” cards. These are cards with a massive, game changing effect. One of which that was recently shown off has a battlecry that will allow you to gain +10 attack as long as you have 10 mana crystals. Sounds like a fairly swole minion!


But that’s not all! The new expansion will also introduce for the first time ever, legendary spell cards! While at the moment, HearthStone only has legendary quest cards, which technically count as a spell in some cases, however these cards will contain a much more immediate and impactful effect on the game when played.


Overall, The Boomsday Project is shaping up to be a very interesting set, despite this only being day one of information. Blizzard is currently doing a comedic video series of sorts which will be used to announce new cards and information regarding the set, leading up to it’s launch on August 7th.

In the meantime, players are encouraged to pre-purchase a The Boomsday Project bundle, which will ultimately save you some money if you were looking at buying some packs for the new set. There are two bundles available this time around, one includes some extra goodies so definitely be sure to check those out!

Personally, I am extremely excited for the new set! I recently returned to the world of HearthStone this year and have been looking forward to something fresh in the meta for quite awhile now. We’ll keep you updated with any major announcements regarding The Boomsday Project, here, as information is rolled out.

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