Pokken Tournament has proven itself to be quite a successful fighting game over these past couple years, especially once the game officially saw it’s debut outside of Japan on the Nintendo Wii U back in 2016. Since then, the game had quickly grown it’s own following and fan base, and also a spot in the already jam-packed Fighting Game Community – with the title being present at most Fighting Game major till this very day.

The launch of the updated version of the game, Pokken Tournament DX, back in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch also helped the game immensely – especially within the competitive gaming community, as the Nintendo Switch most certainly made running events for the game much easier. Now, following a few years after it’s launch on the Nintendo Switch the Pokemon Company has announced that the game will be returning to the Pokemon World Championship Series once again, in 2019!

Get ready to brawl as the 2019 Pokkén Tournament Championship Series gets under way. This year, players can compete in three qualifying events to earn a trip to the 2019 Pokkén Tournament World Championships in Washington, DC. Those who qualify at these events will be joined by the best competitors from Japan and from a Last Chance Qualifier competition that will take place at the Pokémon World Championships. A prize pool worth over $20,000 awaits the winning competitors in the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series!


The Championship series will contain a handful of qualifier events throughout the year, with the first seemingly taking place during the Oceania International Championships in Melbourne, Australia from February 15th – 17th 2019. Different from previous years, this years series will feature a team battle format, where competitors will select 3 Pokemon; the first player to knock out all three of their opponents Pokemon will win the game.


You can find more information regarding the announcement including prize structure and more by visiting the official website.

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