Spring is now in full effect, well, in most places at least – which means I’m about ready to kick off the series of online tournaments which will be bundled under the series of events which will be entitled the “GG Circuit Spring Series!”

These upcoming series of tournaments will run at the very least, every other week, with each week featuring a different title on the lineup! The series will run throughout the rest of the Spring season (likely concluding in mid-late June) and will eventually lead to the main “debut” season which is planned to take place this Summer, assuming everything goes according to plan.

This past winter, I held a couple of online events which were apart of the “Winter GG Circuit Season.” These series of events gave me some heavy insight from both a logistical standpoint, and more, which I have since taken and will apply moving forward. This also explains the extreme lack of events as of lately and why I have been delaying them until further notice.


The first official tournament set to take part within the GG Spring Circuit is set to be “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” with the event currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 20th. The official lineup as also been changed/revised a bit, but keep in mind more games may be added as we move forward within the season. The current lineup of titles are as follows:


  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Fighting EX Layer
  • Dead or Alive 6
  • Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st]
  • Mario Tennis: Aces


As of now, signups and brackets for each event are planned to be ran on Smash.GG, with further tournament related discussions (calling/reporting matches, etc) taking place on the official tournament discord channel and livestream.

Please stay up to date with further announcements, regarding tournaments and their scheduling by following either @GlakeGG or @World3Gaming on social media, or by visiting either GlakeGG.net or World3Gaming.com. As usual, all tournaments will be advertised on their given popular websites, forums, pages, groups, etc – assuming tournament advertising is allowed on these platforms.



Hope to see you all on the battlefield ~

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