If you are a fan of fighting games and you missed EVO this weekend, then you’re doing it wrong. If you are not a fan of fighting games, and missed EVO this weekend, then you’re doing it wrong as well! The Evolution Tournament Series happens every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring the top Street Fighter players in the entire world, all competing to become the next EVO World Champion. This year featured big titles such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Killer Instinct, and more! If you SOMEHOW were unable to catch all the action this weekend, checkout the official results for each tournament below! Also be sure to stay tuned to our FGC Replay section on the bottom of the homepage to check out some of the most hype matches of the tournament as they become available.





1st Place: MD|Luffy

2nd Place: Bonchan 

3rd Place: RZR| Fuudo

4th Place: RG| Snake Eyez

5th Place: RZR| Gackt

6th Place: EG | Ricky Ortiz

7th Place: EG | Momochi

7th Place: HORI | Sako



1st Place: EG|JWong

2nd Place: GG|NYChrisG

3rd Place: RG|Filipino Champ

4th Place: CTRL|RayRay

5th Place:  RG|Flocker

6th Place:  Jan 

7th Place:  MRN|Marn 

8th Place: HOC.BIFU|Insaynne


1st Place: C9| Mang0

2nd Place: Crs.Hungrybox

3rd Place: P4K.EMP|Armada

4th Place: EG|PPMD

5th Place: P4K.EMP|Mew2King

6th Place:  MOR.RZR|AXE

7th Place: Fly Amanita

8th Place: GC|Silent Wolf




1st Place: KN.RM|CDjr

2nd Place: RG|Rico Suave  

3rd Place:  EG|JWong 

4th Place: GutterMagic

5th Place: TSwagg

6th Place:  IC.EWTH|MyGod 88

7th Place: Pretty E

8th Place:  MrGrimmmz



1st Place: RG|SonicFox

2nd Place: AK.EMPR|Pig of the Hut

3rd Place: IC.EWTH|MIT 88

4th Place:  GGA|pimpimjim

5th Place:  EMPR|Noobe 

6th Place: IC.EWTH|DJT 88

7th Place:  GGA|16 Bit

8th Place: FRQ.LSTN|Emperor Theo



1st Place: Garireo

2nd Place: Dogura

3rd Place: BE.TSB|Dora Bang

4th Place:  Yoshiki

5th Place:  tiku 

6th Place: N-O

7th Place: Tochigin

8th Place: SG 



1st Place: QANBA|Xiaohai

2nd Place: MCZ|TOKIDO

3rd Place:  LDA|ET

4th Place: Cafeid|MADKoF 

5th Place: Woo

6th Place: TC|Yoshi

7th Place: VGM|Misterio

8th Place: TC|Chris KOF



1st Place: Twitch|JDCR

2nd Place:  MCP|Gen

3rd Place: BE|Ao 

4th Place: Jimmyjtran 

5th Place:  Anakin

6th Place: Inkog

7th Place: JustFrameJames 

8th Place: BMNS-13



Super Street Fighter II turbo

1st Place: Team M3 – Mattsun (Ken), MAO (Vega), TMF (Zangief)

2nd Place: Team Japan 2 – Noguchi (Vega), Hanashi (Fei Long), Kurahashi (Ryu

3rd Place: Team Special Forces – AfroLegends (Balrog), Ganelon (Vega), Damdai (O-Ryu)

4th Place: Team OGSF – LU|Alex Valle (Ryu), Choiboy (O-Sagat), Watts (Balrog)

5th Place: Team Legal – MongoloRobokop (Cammy), Digital Infamy (Balrog), Moocus (O-T.Hawk)

6th Place:  Team Japan 1 – MCZ|Umehara (Balrog), Nuki (Chun-Li), MCZ|TOKIDO (Vega)

7th Place: Team Triple OG – ultracombo (O-Sagat), shotosallday (O-Ken), DNGR S Papercut (O-T.Hawk)

8th Place: Team Europe – ISIMORN (Vega), ORF (Ryu), Balcork (Fei Long)



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