This past weekend we hit the 20th mark for our The Overload Series HearthStone Tournament Series! We are extremely stoked to have been holding occasional HearthStone tournaments for this long, and we can’t wait to further our TO’ing for the game and it’s community as we move forward within our developments.

This weekends event was one of the most packed in awhile! If you were unable to attend, check out the official results below from the event. Congratulations to all of the top 8 players in the bracket, and of course the winner, Vini!


Official Results

1st Place: vini

2nd Place: Deerjason

3rd Place: SUNTheBaer

3rd Place: Infinity

4th Place: Warmaster

5th Place: jchan3580

5th Place: Soflo

5th Place: jo3jo3jo3


Official Decklists

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-06-15 00.28.40


Hearthstone Screenshot 09-06-15 00.28.44

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-06-15 00.28.49

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