Despite recently being purchased by Activision, Major League Gaming (MLG) will still be continuing their plans and operations for events during this year, as planned before the announcement of their buyout.

The company is set to host the first Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship of 2016, taking place in Columbus, Ohio on March 29th through April 3rd, this year. One of the few remaining ways for teams to qualify is through the MLG CS:GO Major Lan Qualifier, which is set to be held at the Arena in Columbus, Ohio on February 26th – 28th, 2016.

Another way to qualify is through the Americas Last Chance Qualifier, which will be taking place this weekend, January 23rd-24th. This event will offer teams from both the Americas and CIS/Europe, a final opportunity to earn their spot/invitation to the Major LAN Qualifier. The event will be hosted CEVO, and will allow teams that were unable to participate in a Minor Championship, to participate in this event. CIS/EU’s last chance qualifier is set to take place February 2nd-7th, will further details coming soon.

You can checkout the Format for the tournament below.


– 8 team single elimination best-of-three (bo3) bracket
– bracket seeds: random
– map & side selection: VETO process (see below)
– the winning team receives a direct invitation to the MLG Major LAN Qualifier (Feb 26-28)


You can read the official announcement, as well as learn more about the events by visiting CEVO’s official announcement.

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