The Electronic Sports League has been growing substantially over the last few years, and with the organization recently expanding into the United States as well, things are looking quite bright for the eSports audience within regions outside of Europe.

With Season 4 of the ESL Pro League coming to an end only a few weeks ago in Brazil, many competitors and spectators have been anxiously awaiting details regrading the leagues plans for 2017 operations; and sure enough, we’re finally been given some information.


ESL has announced that there will be two seasons that will take place during 2017, with each season having a prize pool of $100,00,000! The finals for the first season of 2017, will take place take place in Dallas Texas, where competition will be heating up at the Verizon Theater during the first weekend of June.

The organization has also announced a little information regarding the schedule for the two seasons, which you can check out below.

Season schedule

First season

  • Start: 7th of February 2017
  • End: 18th of May 2017
  • Finals: 1st weekend of June

Second season

  • Start: August 2017
  • End: November 2017
  • Finals: December 2017

Match days

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday



While these details seem to only be aimed at the CS:GO side of the ESL; this does not mean that the league does not plan to host any other tournaments during 2017. It’s quite likely we’ll soon begin hearing about special tournaments, and perhaps min-leagues, for other titles, that ESL will be hosting throughout the upcoming year.


You can checkout the official ESL Pro League 2017 announcement here.

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