In the past, Gears of War was one of the very few 3rd person shooter titles to stand out in the spotlight within the growing community of eSports. Originally having it’s own spot on the MLG Circuit during the Gears 1 & 2 era, the game and it’s community definitely held it’s own when also sharing the circuit space with Halo 3, Smash Bros, and other games.

While the Gears of War competitive scene definitely seemed to die down a bit, especially after the release of Gears of War judgement; Gears players were left waiting for another main release within the franchise to hopefully rejuvenate the competitive community. This time seems to be now. Originally revealed during E3 2015, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has just launched on the Xbox One, a fully remastered version of the first Gears of War title, along with a polished, cleaned up multiplayer, exciting many original fans of the franchise. With this has come the resurgence of the Gears of War community once again, and ESL was quick to jump on the re-ascension.

Earlier this week, ESL announced their Gears of War Pro League, as well as a Gears of War Open Series, which will run from later this year, up until early 2016.  The preseason is set to kick off next month, with weekly preseason cups featuring a $500 prize pool. ESL will be working with The Coalition as well as the community to further develop the ruleset for competitive play.

The official Pro League Season will be kicking off early October, with two open qualifier cups on the 4th and the 11th, each cup will result in eight teams who will move forward, featuring a prize pool of $500. The cups will then be followed by a Pro League qualifier featuring the sixteen qualified teams from the Open Qualifier Cups. The Pro League qualifier will feature a $1,000 prize pool, and will be broadcast live on October 18th over on the official Gears of War Twitch Channel.

Along with the heated main competition, ESL is offering something a bit different, the Gears of War Open Series. This series will be aimed more towards newcomers within the competitive Gears of War community, and or players just looking to get into the competitive Gears of War scene, yet are looking for a more moderate type setting. This Open Series is set to kick off after the preseason comes to a close. This series will also feature a weekly prize pool of $500 and will have tournaments running over the course of ten weeks from October to December of 2015.

The future of competitive Gears of War is looking very bright! Especially with Gears of War 4 also on the horizon! Check out the official announcement from ESL regarding their Gears of War Pro League by visiting their official announce here.

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