With Killer Instinct Season 3 now making it’s way to many home PC’s and Xbox One consoles, it’s about time for the competitive players to begin revving up their engines once again, prepping for the upcoming competition that is soon to take place.

With that said, over on the official Killer Instinct website, head of the KI World Cup, Brandon Alexander, officially announced the 2017 World Cup Tournament for the title. This season, players can either compete on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One, as in order to qualify for the World Cup, players must first enter the 8 Bit Beatdown Tournament first. These tournaments are online tournaments, allowing players to compete from the comfort of their own home.

In addition to this, it was also announced, that for those of you who are online league warriors; upon reaching Killer Tier in the ranked leagues, you can start competing for the top 32. All of the top 32 will receive Killer Instinct World Cup points for the season.

There are also a slew of upcoming offline events for competitors to participate in to receive qualifier points for the 2017 World Cup. There will also be another set of  KI  exclusive competitions, these events will be entitled “Kombo Klash”. Each one of these events are also Premiere Events for the KI World Cup.

Upcoming Qualifier Events
  1. Texas Showdown (4/22-24, Houston, Texas)
  2. Northwest Majors (4/29-5/1, Des Moines, Washington)
  3. Combo Breaker 2016 (5/27-29, St. Charles, Illinois)
  4. CEO (Community Effort Orlando, 6/24-26, Orlando Florida)
  5. Kombo Klash (8/6-7, San Antonio, Texas)
  6. Absolute Battle (8/26-28, Dallas, TX)
  7. Heart of Battle (12/2-4, Houston, Texas)
  8. Kumite In Tennessee (1/6-8/2017 and location TBA)
  9. Kombo Klash Netherlands (Date and location TBA)
  10. Kombo Klash France (Date and location TBA)
  11. Kombo Klash Canada (Date and location TBA)
  12. Kombo Klash Community Choice (Date and location TBA)

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