Overwatch has been the primary talk of the town within the gaming community, for quite some time now. It’s basically the League of Legends of PC shooters at this point; and while it’s future as a solid Esports title has been a bit cloudy in the past, things are now seemingly beginning to clear up for the title; and trust me, the future is looking very bright!

Upon the kicking-off of the Opening Ceremony of Blizzcon 2016, Blizzard Entertainment took the iconic opportunity to announce the biggest reveal for competitive Overwatch to date – the Overwatch League. Much like how StarCraft 2, HearthStone, and Heroes of the Storm all have their own respective pro-leagues which run throughout the duration of a year or so, before concluding with the grand finals at Blizzcon; Overwatch, being a PvP-centric game, was naturally the next selection to receive it’s own dedicated Esports-league.

The Overwatch League is set to kick off in 2017, and it seems Blizzard is taking a bit of a different approach in regards to the operation of this league. First and foremost, Blizzard will be hosting “try-outs” of sorts, for players to be put through a series of tests, which then may or may not be chosen to be signed onto a team; that team in which will feature salaried payments, and other benefits, while under contract.

In addition to this, League teams that participate will represent major cities from different regions; sort of giving the league it’s own more traditional sport-like feel. Once these teams have been placed in the league, their sports are secured. While it’s a bit un-clear as to what exactly that means, Blizzard has also stated that this format is being implemented to provide these teams “the best opportunity to grow and thrive for years to come.

While not much else regarding the Overwatch League was announced, Blizzard has opened up a dedicated website for the league, which will likely contain more information regarding the league within the next few months as we make our way into 2017. The website also features a section for players to make a name for themselves within Overwatch. No one is really sure what this name will be used for, but it’s quite likely we’ll be able to have our own Overwatch-tags of sorts, aside from the traditional Battle.NET tag.

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