Injustice 2 is about two weeks away from finally being released. The series has gained quite a bit of traction since it’s first entry which released back in 2013. Since then, many more eyes have begun to shift towards the DCU due to many different reasons, including the companies latest film entries as well as large presence on the CW network.

Aside from that, Injustice 2 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated fighting game titles of 2017 and rightfully so. With the game readying to launch very soon, many of the more competitive fighting game players are curious as to the direction the game will take within the eSports community, as it has been speculated that NRS have big plans for the games competitive scene.

With that said, Warner Bros has recently announced that they will be hosting tournament circuit for Injustice 2, entitled “Hometown Heroes” which they will be partnering up with GameStop as well as the Electronic Sports League, to host. The tournament series kicks off on June 4th, where an online open qualifier tournament will take place, hosted by ESL themselves. Following the online qualifier will be the Regional Finals tournaments, which will be held at local GameStops around the country on August 12th. Once the regional finalists are determined, the Hometown Heroes Finals will then take at the GameStop Managers Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 27th.


It’s great to see plans already in development for the competitive side of Injustice 2, despite the title not even officially being out yet. The Electronic Sports League played an extremely active role in the Mortal Kombat X competitive scene, so much so that one can only hope that they their support after the Hometown Heroes tournament concludes.


Injustice 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on May 16th.

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