Today we are excited to share with you all some details regarding our upcoming Fall 2014 Tournament season! Early this Summer we kicked off our operations in Tournament Organization once again, by leaping into the competitive HearthStone community, and holding weekly online tournaments, free for everyone to join! While our support for HearthStone is not stopping here, we are also excited to begin hosting frequent tournament for several other games that will be a part of our Fall 2014 Tournament Season.


At World 3 Gaming, we especially seek to help develop, and cater to up and coming gaming communities, both of the casual and competitive audience. With that said, our goal for the Fall 2014 tournament season, will not be just to bring new fun and exciting events to different communities, but to also begin to build a solid infrastructure, that will ensure growth of these various gaming communities, it’s competitive scene, as well as the W3G brand as a whole. With that said, we will be testing, and trying out many new things within this upcoming Season, to see what works, and what doesn’t, for future knowledge going into upcoming seasons. As stated before, all of our online events will be free to join, ensuring people of every age can take part.


With many details still being ironed out, we hope you keep in tuned with to catch the latest announcements and details regarding our events, and progressions as things are rolled out. However, today, we’d like to share with you all several games that are confirmed to be a part of our Fall 2014 Tournament Season, and will include frequent TO support this Season.


We kicked off our return to the TO scene with HearthStone this year, and by far we’ve had tons of fun supporting the community by hosting weekly events. The HearthStone community is full of awesome, ecstatic players who love what they play. With that said, we are proud to announce that our weekly The Overload Series events will be returning once again on September 6th!


The Pokemon VG series, is a series that is quite under-looked within the competitive gaming community. With Nintendo’s constant expansion to the online multiplayer experience within the Pokemon series, we feel many more opportunities have opened up to begin structuring online tournaments for the game. That’s why this season, after the launch of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, World 3 Gaming will begin holding online tournaments for the series, stay tuned for further details!


The Smash scene is both a rapidly growing, and passionate scene. With Super Smash Bros Melee getting all the attention this year, you’d think Smash would be at it’s peak by now. Think again, the latest iteration in the series is soon to launch on Both Nintendo 3DS (October 3rd) and Nintendo Wii U (Holiday 2014). Many new online features have been announced that help cater to the competitive community, such as the ranking system, as well as the recently announced spectator mode. With such a new entry to the series on the horizon, what better time is there than now to begin supporting the scene. We are proud to announce that this October, we will begin holding online Smash Tournaments for the Nintendo 3DS, and once released, the Nintendo Wii U version as well as apart of our Fall 2014 Tournament Season. Further details are coming soon!

That’s it for now guys and gals, but stay tuned to for future tournament announcements that will coincide with our Fall 2014 Tournament Season!

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