This past Saturday our first HearthStone tournament of our 2015 Winter Tournament Season took place. With over 30 participants for this premiere event, the competition was stacked! We’d like to thank everyone who took time to participate in this weekends event. We will be working harder every event to make it an even greater experience. Our next HearthStone tournament will be taking place on January 31st! So be sure to have those decks polished up and ready for #17 of ToS! You can check out the results from this Saturdays event below.


ToS #16 Results

1st – [AcB] dlineman

2nd: Warmaster

3rd: gctitrth

4th: arcanine12

5th: ripper

5th: asdf87

5th: Pagogo

5th: Dream

6th: Jamizon

7th: cHess

7th: GankedByZ

7th: eachcropse

7th: RedisPoetic

7th: noatheprodigy

7th: mattkelite

7th: Synchronize


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