This weekend the first Gfinity Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship took place. Featuring some of the top European teams, competitive Halo was back in full force during this event. The LAN was reported to be very successful, with many more upcoming in 2015! Check out the official results from the tournament below.


1st Place: TCM Gaming

2nd Place: London Conspiracy

3rd Place: Faze France

4th Place: Team infused

5th Place: TEC

5th Place: VwS Gaming

7th Place: Almasty

7th Place: Xenex

8th Place: Flawless Victory

8th Place: Vanity

8th Place: UG

8th Place: Strive

9th Place: Velociraptors

9th Place: BH3 eSports

9th Place: Avengers Assemble

9th Place: Deceieve


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