While not exactly as widely excepted as the Forza franchise or the GranTurismo franchise; Project Cars was one of the most successful racing IP’s we’ve received on this generation of consoles to date, and it seems its competitive community is thriving quite well, as well.

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has recently announced that they will be hosting a Project Cars Multi-Class European Championship, which is set to kick off on January 22nd. The tournament will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 users of the title; participants will be able to select from two different classes of race car and must chase down opponents and lock up podiums.


ESL has detailed the rules and format of the Championship, which are as follows:

Each race will see two grids, two sets of drivers, take simultaneously to the track. A Pro Class will do battle behind the wheel of some of the world’s most ferocious sports cars, whilst a Challenger Class will push its drivers to the limit in fender-to-fender racers. Two competitions on circuit at once, each fighting to find its own victor.

Impress in the qualifying stages, mark yourself as a contender for the title, and you could make it to the top, to the Pro Class. Here the competition is not only toughest, its rewards are greatest. Pro Class drivers who perform well in competition win automatic qualification for the next championship race.

Those who finish the qualifiers in places five to seven earn themselves spots in the Challenger Class. While the top six challengers will share a circuit with the Pro Class drivers in the big races, they have to qualify for these by finishing top six of the weekly Go4ProjectCARS tournaments. After the third and sixth race, the top five challengers will clash with the bottom three pros in a Promotion Race with precious spots on the line for the best three drivers.

It is not speed alone that will make a victor here. It will take guts and knowledge to bring home the chequered flag. Push through the twists and turns of the greatest circuits in motorsport, master the art of navigating a crowded track and, if luck is on your side, you could take home the title of ESL Project CARS Multi-Class European Champion.


The first qualifying event for the ESL Project Cars European Championship will take place on January 22nd. The tournament is set to feature a prize pool of €2,500, so if you think you have the driving skills it takes to be champion, then you definitely will not want to miss out on this event!

More information regarding the championships is set to be revealed on the 17th of January, in the meantime however, you check out further information by visiting the official hub located here.

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