On the 8th of December 2016, Valve released an important update that many Counter Strike players will be thrilled with. The main aspect of this update is a new audio feature designed to substantially improve positional audio. In my opinon this update has been a long time coming however I would rather them do it right the first time as we don’t want the whole R8 situation again – as fun as it was.

You can find the patch notes for this update here : Valve December Update

Directional Sound Courtesy of Valve

Directional Sound
Courtesy of Valve

The game now uses “HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithms to enhance 360-degree vertical and horizontal sound positioning while using headphones.” – Valve

They have also made another adjustment to how the Steam lobbie system works. This new system allows you to broadcast your lobby to nearby players helping you find teammates from your region this will help improve latency and language barriers that may take place in all servers but most likely European ones.

“If you’d like to broadcast your lobby to nearby players, you can adjust permissions in your Play With Friends lobby.” – Valve

Finally, they released the 2017 Service Medal which looks much better than the 2016 medal in my opinion.

2017 Service Medal

2017 Service Medal

2016 Service Medal

2016 Service Medal

Valve also made some optimizational changes to de_Nuke as well as some subtle visibility changes however there is no major changes for you to worry about.
I’ll leave you with something to think about, What would you like Valve to update next ?

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