Halo has definitely had a successful 2016 tournament season. With 2016 being the first official season that Halo 5 has taken the full spotlight, it’s been a bumpy road of adjustments, and self-discovery with the franchise re-finding it’s way into the eSports scene; but things are beginning to look up for the game in terms of it being in the competitive spotlight, as it has been confirmed that the Halo World Championship will in fact return in 2017 – which means something must be going right.


Dates for key 2017 events have already been released, and it seems next years Championship series will have a ton more events for teams to compete in, to hopefully earn their spot in the championship finals. Events and dates for North America, Europe, Australia, and the Latin America/South America regions have been released. You can check out that information below:

North America

The HCS will be partnering with once again with UGC and Millennial Esports in 2017 to provide some of the best Open LAN events as well as online qualifiers that the scene has to offer.

An offline qualifier hosted by UGC will be taking place from January 20th-22nd 2017 in St. Louis, as well as an offline qualifier hosted by Millennial Esports which is set to take place from March 3rd-5th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition to these events, an online last chance qualifier has also been announced to take place on March 11th. There are also several other crucial dates for the North America region which are as follows:

  • Jan 14 – Online Seeding Tournament
  • Jan 20-22 – NA Halo World Championship 2017 Qualifier: St. Louis by UGC
  • Jan 28 – Online Qualifier #1
  • Feb 4 – Online Qualifier #2
  • Feb 11 – Online Qualifier #3
  • Feb 18 – Online Qualifier #4
  • Feb 25 – Online Qualifier #5
  • Mar 3-5 NA Halo World Championship 2017 Qualifier: Las Vegas by Millennial Esports

Gfinity has been known to be one of the most supportive entities to hold Esports events over in the European region. The company will be once again supporting the HCS in 2017 with events of their own, as well.

Currently they are scheduled to host a Qualifier in London, taking place at the Gfinity Arena from February 17th- 19th as well as an online last chance qualifier on February 26th.

Key HCS dates for the European region have also been announced, which are as follows:

  • Jan 21 – Online Seeding Tournament
  • Jan 22 – Oniline Qualifier #1
  • Feb 5 – Oniline Qualifier #2
  • Feb 12 – Oniline Qualifier #3
  • Feb 17-19 – EU Halo World Championship 2017 Qualifier: London by Gfinity
  • Feb 26 – Online Last Chance Qualifier
Latin America/South America

For the competitive scene in the LA/SA region, Gfinity will also be partnering with the HCS to provide events for this region as well. The region will gave weekly online tournament which are set to lead up to a Open LAN tournament which is set to take place in Mexico city – taking place from February 24th – 25th,

Key HCS dates for this region have also been announced, and are as follows:

  • Jan 28 – Online Seeding Tournament
  • Jan 29 – Online Qualifier #1
  • Feb 5 – Online Qualifier #2
  • Feb 12 – Online Qualifier #3
  • Feb 24-26 – Latin America Halo World Championship 2017 Qualifier: Mexico City by Gfinity
Australia/New Zealand

Lastly, the HCS has announced that they will be partnering up with ESL Australia to produce numerous weekly online tournament which will all lead up to an online regional qualifier; ultimately deciding which team will earn the chance to compete in the championships. The online regional qualifier event is set to take place on February 26th. The tournament will be 8-team double elimination; all other weekly online tournaments will give teams a chance to win cash prizes as well as HCS qualifying points. Teams which hold the top 7 points in ranking will earn their spot into the online regional qualifier.

There are other key HCS dates for the Australia/New Zealand region which are as follows:

  • Jan 21 – Online Seeding Tournament
  • Jan 22 – Online Qualifier #1
  • Jan 29 – Online Qualifier #2
  • Feb 5 – Online Qualifier #3
  • Feb 12 – Online Qualifier #4
  • Feb 19 – Last Chance Qualifier
  • Feb 26 – Online Regional Qualifier



The 2017 Halo Championship Series is looking to be shaping up to be a great one! It is thrilling to hear that support and opportunities for other regions outside of North America and Europe will still be present going into the 2017 season; hopefully details regarding Asian regions will be announced soon.


As usual, we will keep you all updated with the latest announcements surrounding the HCS as they become available.

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