In addition to the much exciting Halo Championship Series 2017  news that has recently been announced; some further details have been announced regarding Halo’s eSports presence at other upcoming 2017 events. As we already know, the 2017 championship series will be split up into two seasons; the first season coming to a close during summer 2017 and the second coming to a close in the fall of 2017. During each of these seasons, Halo will be featured for the first time ever at one of the largest eSports events to take place throughout the year, DreamHack!

Much more excitingly, is that the finals for both seasons will be held at DreamHack events! The Summer 2017 HCS finals will be held at DreamHack Atlanta, which is currently set to take place from July 21st – 23rd, and the Fall 2017 HCS Finals taking place at DreamHack Denver, which is currently set to take place from October 20th-22nd. Each event will give amateur teams an  opportunity to fight through the open bracket, with the final two teams competing for the championship. Six teams from the HCS Pro League will be placed into the playoff bracket, with the bottom two teams that are part of HCS Pro League having to compete through the open bracket in order to regain their spot alongside the more prominent teams.


DreamHack has been growing in presence over the years, as the company has hosted a slew of events over the years, not to mention their debut events in both North America and Canada, taking place recently this year. It will be exciting to see Halo take the stage at DreamHack; makes you wonder what other events we may see an HCS event take place at.

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