Heroes of the Storm has been seeing significant growth in the eSports scene since it’s original launch back in June last year. Even during it’s beta period, the title was receiving great support as an eSports title, despite it not exactly competing with the likes of League of Legends and DOTA 2.

2016, however, is now looking to be a great year for the competitive Heroes of the Storm community, as Blizzard has officially revealed today; plans regarding their upcoming Heroes of the Storm 2016 Tournament Circuit!

Last year, Cloud 9 took home the first ever HotS World Championship, which took place at Blizzon in November.  This year however, the competition is deemed to be even more fierce, with Blizzard announcing the official Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Circuit, which will feature a total of $4 million in prize money, on the line, across the spring, summer, and fall tournament season.

The top teams from North America, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, China, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan will be going head to head in the updated seasonal format. The spring championships are set to take place in South Korea.

The Spring Season officially kicked on Tuesday over in Korea as part of it’s “Super League”; with the top two teams set to take their share of the $200k prize pool, and advancing onto the Spring Global Championship Event. With China, Europe, and North America also able to send two teams to the finals – the top 12 teams will be fighting their way through the competition in the Spring Global Championships, in hopes to receive their share in the $500k prize pool.

2016 is ultimately set to be a very interesting year for eSports, especially with Blizzard dishing out this kind of prize money for their titles. We also have Overwatch on the way, which is also more than likely to receive it’s own  large scale eSports invitationals throughout the year, following it’s launch.

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