Since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, competitive players both new and old, have been waiting patiently to get back into the tournament scene. After a considerable break from competitive Halo, with Halo 2: Anniversary’s competitive season long since concluding, everyone seems very hungry for more action, and the Halo World Championship Series is striving to bring exactly that.

Competitive Halo has had a crazy history, and has seen many different homes. This time around, several different eSports entities will be holding their own Halo 5 events, which will all ultimately be apart of the HWC Series. Players will be competing in weekly tournaments, online ladders, and majors to gain points to qualify for the World Finals which will take place later in 2016.

With the first series of events kicking off this Sunday, hosted by ESL, 343i brought about more hype by announcing a prize pool increase for the Halo World Championships during the Video Game Awards, increasing it from $1 million, to $2 million! Odds are the prize pool will increase a bit more as the season goes on.

Registration is still open, and will be open until this Sunday over at for those of you who wish to compete along with your team. We will keep you updated with more information regarding the HWC as further details roll out. But in the meantime, GLHF to all of the teams registering and competing!

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