Last year we saw the first ever DreamHack event, make it’s way to the USA, taking place in the warm city of Austin, Texas. The location came as sort of a surprise to everyone, as generally, debut eSports events tend to take place Los Angeles, or somewhere in California in general.

As an attendee of the first ever US DreamHack, I can definitely say that it was an amazing experience! And though I overslept for my pools, for basically every title I entered to compete in, I still had an awesome time overall, and wouldn’t trade it for any other experience.

With that said, as more large-scale gaming events are beginning to die down for the year, as the holiday season approaches, many corporations and tournament organizers have begun planning and releasing details regarding their 2017 events, DreamHack is one of those entities.

Last week, DreamHack officially revealed the locations and dates for all of their US events for 2017. That’s right everyone, it seems as if US DreamHack events are here to stay! What a glorious time we are truly living in! The first announced location was DreamHack Austin, returning for it’s second year, and taking place on April 28th – 30th. A couple months following DH Austin, Dream Hack Atlanta will be taking place as the first brand new location for 2017, taking place from July 21st – July 23rd. The last US DH event to take place in 2017 will be DreamHack Denver, which is set to take place from October 20th – 22nd. All of which are awesome locations! So be sure to choose wisely which one you’d like to attend!

Since the announcement of the new locations, early-bird tickets for DreamHack Austin have gone live, so be sure to secure yours now, if you’re looking to get a discounted price!

Featured tournaments for DreamHack Austin include; Super Smash Bros. Melee, HearthStone, Street Fighter V, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. More titles are likely to be announced later down the line.

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