While many may think otherwise, Nintendo is definitely no stranger to eSports. The company generally tends to play it cool, and careful when it comes to competitive competitions, especially with newly released titles. But considering the fact that the Pokemon World Championships is one of the longest, annual, competitive series within the gaming community; it definitely shows Nintendo knows what they’re doing when it comes to catering to the competitive crowd.

Splatoon has been one of the more recent titles Nintendo has begun to push a bit, within the competitive gaming community. Splatoon is a multi-player focused team game, so at it’s core, the titles is quite competitive. The game has had many non-official tournaments in the past, but also had a spot in the recent 25th Nintendo World Championships Anniversary tournament, which took place during E3 2014.

It seems competitive Splatoon is just getting started despite the title being out for quite sometime now; as Nintendo has revealed via Twitter that they will be hosting a Splatoon Showdown Series tournament, over on Battlefy.com. The series tournament is set to take place throughout the entire month of November, with each specific game-mode having it’s own tournament within the series.


The featured game-modes which will have their own tournaments within the series are: Turf War, Tower Control, Splat Zones, and Rainmaker. Each tournament will have two qualifiers which will be held on separate day’s, as well as a finals, which will also be held on it’s standalone day. Based on Nintendo’s tweet, it’s pretty safe to assume the entire tournament format will be 3v3, which seems quite accessible for anyone who wishes to partake.


You can learn more about the Splatoon Showdown Series, as well as signup for any of the tournaments by visiting the Battlefy tournament page located here.

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