King of Fighters has recently made it’s way back into the home’s of many, with the latest “King of Fighters XIV” release. The title is currently only available on PlayStation 4, and despite it’s slightly bumpy launch, most of the games bugs and issues were cleared up only within a few day’s following it’s launch and has received much praise since!

While the competitive KoF community has always been a bit smaller than the likes of the Street Fighter community, and the Smash community; competitive KoF as a whole, holds a light that you just cannot avoid. The game at high levels is quite entertaining to watch, and if long combos are something that catches your eye, you won’t be taking your focus off the screen, at all, when you tune into competitive KoF action.

With many more competitive focused titles receiving their own tournament series, hosted by their developers, especially within the Fighting Game Community; many fans of the KoF franchised pondered if the release of KoF XIV, would finally bring the franchise into the eSports spotlight. It seems the first step towards this, is taking place now.

Back in August, the King of Fighters World Championship was officially confirmed to be a thing; and while we’ve received very few details about it during that time, we now know that qualifiers will be held up until the World Championship, and that the finals itself will be taking place sometime in early 2017.

The first qualifier event to be announced however, is SoCal Regional aka, SCR. SoCal regional’s has been a large tournament series for quite sometime, being a qualifier event for many fighting game titles. This year’s SCR will take place on October 14th-16th, at the eSports Arena in Orange County, California. The KOF XIV qualifier will also be receiving a $1,000 prize pool bonus at the event, thanks to Atlus, for showing their support.


The King of Fighters XIV World Championship series is without a doubt, the biggest and best thing to happen to the competitive KOF community for quite sometime. Many fans of the franchise, and long-time competitors are really looking forward to all the action and talent the Championship series will bring. You won’t want to miss out on it either!

You can tune into SoCal Regionals 2016, and catch the KOF XIV qualifier action, by visiting

You can also learn more about the King of Fighters XIV World Championship as a whole, by visiting the official announcement page, located here.

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