As we’ve previously reported, this November officially kicks off the MLG Columbus Open Tournament, which also features arguably the largest return of Gears of War eSports, since the eSports season for Ultimate Edition concluded.

The Columbus Open will feature a Gears of War 4 Open tournament, which will be the first large-scale, Open LAN event, apart of the Gears Pro Circuit. Not too long ago, The Coalition introduced a crowd-funding campaign option of sorts, for fans of Gears eSports to purchase special Supporter Packs, in-game, where in which all of the proceeds will go to supporting Gears Pro Circuit events and their prize pools.

It’s probably no surprise that the fans have definitely taken advantage of this option, and now, we’re finally seeing the results. Xbox and The Coalition have revealed that due to the large amount of support, the prize pool for the Columbus Open has increased by $50k; with players now competing for their share of a $300k prize pool, which is the largest cash prize to ever be offered in Gears eSports history.


It’s always exciting to see Prize Pool increases for eSports titles that aren’t exactly at on the same scale as say, League of Legends or DOTA; however, The Coalition and Xbox made a great move by offering the supporter packs as a way for the community to give back to the eSports scene, and now we are seeing the seeds which were planted, blossom!


The Gears Pro Circuit MLG Columbus Open LAN event will be taking place from November 25th – 27th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. Competitor and Spectator passes are still on sale, and you can get your hands on them by heading over to the MLG Store.

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