Next month in California,at the Los Angeles Avalon Theater, ESL will be hosting a Launch Invitational, for the Halo Master Chief Collection, which is set to release November 11th. Several teams will be competing for their shot at the $50,000 prize pool! The event will be a 4v4, Halo 2 Anniversary Edition tournament, and 8 teams will be invited. Players will also have a shot to play the upcoming Halo 5 Beta, early.  The official roster includes the follow:


  • StK – Heinz, OGRE2, Royal 2, Snakebite, Coach Diesel
  • OpTic Halo – Flamesword, Pistola, Ace, Snipedown, Coach Elamite
  • Believe The Hype – Formal, Lxthul, aPG, Maniac, Coach Mr. X
  • The Agency – Ninja, Hysteria, FearItSelf, Victory, Coach Towey
  • VwS Gaming – Naded, Legit, Goofy, Mikwen, Coach Wolfmayyne
  • TCM Gaming – Riotz,TuFoxy, Ramirez, Chalkie, Coach Xavier
  • Purple Rain – Gandhi, Puckett, Maven, Legion, Coach Sundance
  • Str8 Rippin – Tsquared, Ryanoob, Roy, Str8 Sick, Coach Walshy


The event will be taking place November 8th-9th, and will be available to watch live at

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