Season 1 of the Halo Championship Series without a doubt, showcased just how alive and well the competitive Halo scene still is. And with it, more teams have been forming, the grind has begun, and so has the rise of the community.

Earlier today, it was revealed over on HaloWayPoint that Season 2 of the HCS is well on it’s way, and we were provided with a handful of details regarding dates, prize pools, as well as the points that are up for grabs.

Partnering with ESL, the HCS will be hosting several online cups, open to all teams to sign-up for. First place winners will receive $1,500, second place winners will receive $1,000 and third place winners will receive $500. In addition to the cash prizes, teams will also gain HCS points.

The entire Season 2 schedule has been outlined, with the Iron Games HCS event take place in Atlanta on April 17th-19th, the HCS Indianapolis event taking place on June 26th-29th, and the Season 2 finals taking place at the ESL Studios in Burbank, VA on July 26th! Not enough events for you? No worries, from now until the end of Season 2, there will be plenty of online cups for you to participate in, hosted by ESL, to grab a team, get practicing, and sign-up!




You can find all the details, and more by visiting the HaloWayPoint page located here

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