This past weekend has been an extremely exciting one, as well as a HUGE milestone for MLG! As the company held their 100th event, the 2015 World Finals, from October  16th-18th in New Orleans! The event featured Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, DOTA 2, Smite, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U, ultimately having something for anyone, a wide variety of eSports titles to say the least! Each event was filled with tons of hype, and unexpected outcomes. In case you missed the action this past weekend, feel free to check out the official results from each respective tournament below.




1st Place: OpTic Gaming

2nd Place: Denial eSports

3rd Place: Team eLevate

4th Place: Team EnVyUs

5th Place: FaZe Clan

5th Place:  Justus

6th Place: OpTic Nation

6th Place: infused EU


1st Place: Team eLevate

2nd Place: Team Eager

3rd Place: Aware Gaming

4th Place: Epsilon eSports

5th Place: Juice Gaming

6th Place: Onslaught eSports

7th Place: Release Gaming

8th Place: XGN


1st Place: Team Secret

2nd Place: Evil Geniuses

3rd Place: (monkey) Business

4th Place: CDEC Gaming


1st Place: Liquid|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus, Dr. Mario)
2nd Place: TSM|ZeRo (Sheik, Diddy Kong)
3rd Place: PG|ESAM (Pikachu, Samus)
4th Place: Boreal_Ally (Mario)
5th Place: TheReflexWonder (Wario)
5th Place: LLL|Mr-R (Sheik)
7th Place: MVG|RYO (Ike)
7th Place: ScAtt (Mega Man)




1st Place: Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
2nd Place: COG.MVG|Mew2King (Sheik, Fox, Peach, Marth)
3rd Place: Tempo|Axe (Pikachu)
4th Place: COG|Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon)
5th Place: TGL|DruggedFox (Sheik)
5th Place: Fe|Nintendude (Ice Climbers)
7th Place: Prince Abu (Jigglypuff)
7th Place: TGL|Blea Gleo (Luigi)





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