Major League Gaming’s return to Las Vegas is just around the corner, and with the event being the companies debut for their first ever offline events for both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, as well as Overwatch; MLG Vegas is quickly sharping up to be one of the most anticipated offline North American Esports events to take place in quite awhile!

We already know that the Overwatch event which will be taking place will be an invitational, and in case you still don’t know which teams will be competing, you can check those out below:

  • Cloud 9
  • Complexity
  • EnVyUs
  • FaZe Clan
  • Team Liquid
  • NRG
  • Rise Nation


Major League Gaming has also recently announced the Talent Casters which will be present for the Overwatch event, they are as follows:

  • Huk – Cris Loranger
  • DoA – Erik Longquist
  • MonteCristo – Christopher Mykles
  • Mr X – Matt Morello
  • Puckett – Chris Puckett
  • Flame – Matt Rodriguez
  • GoldenBoy – Alex Mendez
  • Seltzer – Rachel Quirico
  • Ster – Steven Serge
  • ZP – Andrew Smith


MLG Vegas will be a event you will definitely not want to miss out on, as it is also likely to be the last large-scale eSports event of 2016.


MLG Vegas will take place from December 16th – 18th, in Las Vegas Nevada.

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