The competitive Call of Duty season is now back, and in full effect! And with the Call of Duty World League having been officially kicked off, you can probably already imagine that a slew of events are on their way.

One of the larger Call of Duty events to kick off this year will be UMG, that will be kicking off their 2016 with UMG South Carolina, which will be taking place from February 12th-14th. In the past UMG remained it’s owned entity, running CoD tournaments as their own league of sorts, with their own rules and formats. Since the announcement of the Call of Duty World League, however, UMG’s events will now tie in with the World League, as this upcoming event will be apart of the “Challenge Division”.

UMG has also recently revealed that the prize pool for this event will be a whopping $100k! What a great way to kick off the season!


Registration for both Team Passes and Spectator Passes are now live! So if you would like to be apart of the action, whether playing or watching, this February, you should head on over to the official website and grab your passes now!


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