The competitive StarCraft 2 scene has arguably been in a fairly awkward position as of late. With several top players taking a step away from the scene, as well as a several prominent tournament series coming to an indefinite close; the StarCraft 2 eSports community is definitely taking an interesting turn despite Blizzard announcing WCS Support for the title through 2018.

In a recent shed of light however, a new tournament series for StarCraft 2 has been announced – spawning for the infamous “Make Korea Great Again” tournament series. The tournament series is entitled the “BaseTradeTV Star League” (BSTL), and will be powered by Twitch! The tournament series will feature a weekly tournament format, with the last weekly of the month being a much larger finals than of what it was during the “Make Korea Great Again” tournament series.

Signups are currently open for each weekly event this month. Registration is open for anyone who is interested in competing, and is also free. You can register for the first event which takes place on January 5th, by visiting the official signup page.


The tournament will begin each given day at 3am PST/8pm KST and will be available to watch at:

You can checkout the official announcement located here.


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