About World 3 Gaming

Mission Statement


World 3 Gaming, also known as “W3G” is an in-development competitive-gaming focused project which seeks to help develop, support, and promote the competitive scenes of various titles and genres within gaming.

With that said, we seek to accomplish this goal in various ways’; from hosting offline & online tournaments for a wide variety games on a weekly basis, to providing live competitive gaming based content such as tournament streams and event coverage, all the way to educating gamer’s about the most important and infamous topics and discussions that are on-going within the gaming industry via providing news articles. We seek to cover the entire plane.


Going into 2017, World 3 Gaming seeks to fully begin online and offline operations. This includes, but is not limited to; kicking off our seasoned tournament series, providing live production and streams for both offline and online events, covering both ours, and other official events, and providing informative content regarding all things competitive gaming/eSports related.


If you are an investor or sponsor, or even just a simple individual interested in competitive gaming, that would like to jump on board and help support us, please send your inquiry to GlakeRiuno@World3Gaming.com 



What is W3GN?


W3GN, also known as World 3 Gaming Network, is W3G’s premier media and content platform, containing all competitive gaming related entertainment content. The W3GN is accessible via YouTube, as well as via live broadcasts over on Twitch.TV. Here you can expect to see not only live broadcasts of our tournaments, events, and gatherings; but also live content from outside gaming related events as well, plus more!