Call of Duty: World War 2 is only a week away, and while the average Call of Duty player may not know why the coming of WW2 is such a big deal – competitors sure as hell do! Call of Duty: World War II will mark the franchises return to it’s World War 2 roots, for the first time in close to a decade (the last WW2 CoD being World at War.) With that said, it’s important to note how important “boot’s on ground” Call of Duty game-play is to the audiences more competitive side. This type of gameplay is considered much more strategic, honest, and overall less chaotic within the competitive scene, and it has been something the scene has been yearning for – for quite sometime.

So far, the game has been praised by much of the community, not only is it a fresh take on the World War 2 aesthetic, but it’s also breathing new life into the competitive Call of Duty community; and eSports entities such as MLG are ready to capitalize on this. This week, MLG revealed their plans for their part in the 2018 Call of Duty World League, and have announced a handful of events which players are ecstatic to see returning, especially after a bit of a hiatus throughout the 2016-2017 Season.

The first CWL 2018 event will be taking place in Dallas Taxes, and will be kicking off sooner than you think! Featuring a 160 team open bracket and a  $200,000 prize pool.


The other currently announced MLG CWL 2018 events are of similar format and information. Following CWL Dallas this December, MLG will be taking things to New Orleans for the first CWL event in 2018 at the ERNEST N. Morial Convention Center from January 12th – 14th. About a month and a half later, Atlanta will be graced with some competitive CoD: WW2 action as well, as CWL Atlanta will be taking place from March 9th-11th at the Georgia World Congress Center.




As you can already tell, big things are on the horizon for the competitive Call of Duty scene, and the CWL 2018 season as well as World War II in general, has the potential to help re-ignite that spark the community has been yearning for. Lot’s of potential is at hand here – here’s to hoping a successful CWL Season!

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