Counter Strike: Global Offensive, has been a game, for a awhile now, that has been off in it’s own little corner when it comes to DreamHack events. This however, is about to change come 2015.

Sources from inside DreamHack has revealed to that CS:GO will be replacing StarCraft 2 as the main game for the 2015 season, which means all main stage, and exquisite production will be given to the CS:GO event. This is a bittersweet moment to say the least, StarCraft 2 has been claimed to be a, dying, game ever since a year after HoTs release, and even more so after MLG dropped the game from their circuit in late 2013. However, as CS:GO has been continuing to grow tremendously within the eSports community, it’s great to see the game getting support with not only DreamHack, but MLG as well!

So far six DreamHack events for 2015 have been announced, the first stop being in Bucharest from April 24th-26th. You can check out all of the events announced for 2015 so far, below.

    •  DreamHack Masters Bucharest 2015 – 24-26 April 2015
    •  DreamHack France 2015 – 8-10 May 2015
    •  DreamHack Summer 2015 – 13-16 June 2015
    •  DreamHack Valencia 2015 – 16-19 July 2015
    •  DreamHack Cluj Napoca 2015 – 23-25 October 2015
    •  DreamHack Winter 2015 – 26-29 November 2015

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