Today was another very exciting day at the SPL! With quite a few very long, macro heavy games being played, I hope all of you SC2 viewers out there were able to catch today’s matches, they definitely did a great job at showing SC2 at the highest level of play. Today’s matches were, Samsung vs Prime, and CJ Entus vs ST-Yoe. Check out the official results below, and let us know which match you enjoyed the most today via twitter @World3Gaming


Samsung vs Prime Results

Samsung W: 3-1

Prime L: 1-3

Journey (T) L: 1

YoDa (T) W: 1

Hurricane (P) W: 1


Armani (Z) W: 1

MyuNgSiK (P) L: 1

Shine (Z) W: 1

Creator (P) L: 1



CJ Entus vs ST-Yoe Results



ST-Yoe L: 0-3

ByuL (Z) W: 1

Hack (T) L: 1

HerO (P) W: 1

Curious (Z) L: 1

Bbyong (T) W: 1

Life (Z) L: 1

sKyHigh (T)

San (P)

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