Today was another exciting day at the SPL. With a bit more variety of match-ups showcased, there was really something for all SC2 players to enjoy! Despite many of the matches beginning with quite a bit of cheese, and early aggression, they often lengthened into a more macro heavy games, coming very close towards the end. The teams competing today were Jin Air vs SKT, and MVP vs KT. You can check out the official results from today’s matches below. Let us know via social media what your favorite matches and moments were!


Jin Air vs SKT Results


Jin Air L:2-3

         SKT W: 3-2

Cure (T) W: 1


Dark (Z) L: 1

Maru (T) L: 1

soO (Z) W: 1

sOs (P) L: 0

Innovation (T) W: 1

Rouge (Z) W: 1

Classic (P) L: 1

Maru (T) : 1

Dark (Z) W: 1


MVP vs KT Results


MVP W: 3-2

KT L: 2-3

MarineKing (T) W: 1

Stats (P) L: 1

DeParture (Z) L:1

TY (T) W: 1

Panic (P) L: 1

Zest (P) W: 1

Losira (Z) W: 1

Flash (T) L: 1

Yonghwa (P) W: 1

Zest (P) L: 1

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