The second day of the 2015 Season of Proleague has concluded! With a dominant performance showing from both Jin Air, and SKT, it would be an understatement to say that both of these teams are looking like the favorites to make it far within the league this season. However! There are many more matches ahead so it will be quite interesting to see how things unfold as the season progresses. We have the official results from the matches today below. Let us know what you’re favorite matches were, and which team you think will make it far this season, via social media!

Results: KT Rolster vs Jin Air

KT Rollster L: 0-3

Jin Air GreenWings W: 3-0

Zest (P) 0

Maru (T) 1

TY (T) 0

sOs (P) 1

Flash (T) 0

Rouge (Z) 1

Stats (P) N/A

Cure (T) N/A





Results: SKT vs MVP

SKT W: 3-0

MVP L: 0-3

Dark (Z) 1

MarineKing (T) 0

INnoVation (T) 1

Center (T) 0

Classic (P) 1

Seed (P) 0





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