Today over in Korea, the 2015 StarCraft Pro League Season kicked off! If you guys are not familiar with the SPL, let us just briefly fill you in on what it is exactly. SPL is a, now, StarCraft 2 team league that first kicked off in 2011. All years prior the league featured Brood War. The league features top professional Korean SC2 teams all, competing for the title of the SPL Championship team, as well as WCS points (when the new season kicks off). Two teams face off in every match, each team must set aside a roster of 5, for that given match, match-ups are pre-determined (aside from Ace Match/Tie-Breaker). Player matches are best of one.


The matches that took place today were CJ Entus vs Samsung &  Startale-Yoe vs Prime. Every week, from now until the end of the season we will be bringing you all the latest results from the Proleague as matches wrap up. We realize these matches take place very early in the morning for us over in the states, so if you do miss any of the action, feel free to check in often here for the latest results!


Results: CJ Entus vs Samsung

CJ Entus W: 3-2

Samsung L: 2-3

ByuL (Z) 1

Solar (Z) 0

Hush (P) 1

eMotion (P) 0

herO (P) 0

Dear (P) 1

Bbyong (T) 0

Brav0 (T) 1

Bbyong (T) 1

Solar (Z) 0





Results: Startale-Yoe vs Prime


Startale-Yoe W: 3-2

Prime L:  2-3

Bomber (T) 0

YoDa (T) 1

Life (Z) 1

TerrOr (Z) 0

Leenock (Z) 1

Creator (P) 0

Curious (Z) 0

MyuNgSiK (P) 1

San (P) 1

YoDa (T) 0

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