eSports, it’s the inevitable form of entertainment that will soon be apart of our growing and every changing culture.

eSports, or Competitive Gaming for a simpler term, has seen it’s twist and turns, high and lows throughout the years. But the phenomena has been nowhere near the level it has reached today. Let’s just say, you can’t really argue with it if ESPN is apart of it.

That’s right, today ESPN officially joined forces with ESPN once again, as the company launched their own eSports focused website.

In the past, ESPN has entertained the idea of competitive gaming, from at one point in time, broadcasting both Halo and StarCraft 2 to publishing and reporting eSports related news and pieces, as well as broadcasting Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Collegiate Finals, earlier last year. But it seems the company is now beginning to fully, yet slowly, submerge themselves into eSports waters.

Over on their new website, the company will be covering news following some of the most prominent eSports titles including but not limited to; League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, and HearthStone.

The company will also be broadcasting segments and highlights of the Halo World Championship Tour at the X Games Aspen, coming up at the end of the month.

Personally I am very happy to see ESPN making this move. 2016 is truly set to be a great year for eSports, and more than likely the biggest year yet!

Be sure to follow the websites official Twitter Page to keep up to date with the latest eSports related coverage ESPN publishes –

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