Capcom seemingly has some pretty big stuff for Street Fighter V up their sleeve, especially after such a strong oath during the duration of 2016 to drastically improve the game as frequently as possible. While many would agree that the title has definitely seen significant improvement since it’s launch almost exactly a year ago, many would also agree that the company still has a lot to work on.

With the reveal of a brand new Season 2 cast for Street Fighter V confirmed to be on the way throughout 2017, many have been wondering when exactly we would hear official details regarding the next character to be available. Akuma, being the first official Season 2 character was released back in December, ultimately leaving the rest of the cast as brand new characters to the Street Fighter universe. The speculation has been at an all-time-high, and it seems we won’t have to wait much longer until we officially learn who’s next character we’ll be playing in Season 2 is.

As strange as it may be, Capcom has announced that they will be holding a Lupe Fiasco “Drogas Light” album release party on February 15th, which will also go hand-in-hand with their official reveal of the second DLC Season 2 character, as well as the official kick off of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour. The event is set to take place in San Francisco, at the Falsom Street Foundry (same location as last years launch event), and will also feature exhibition matches, a Street Fighter themed cosplay contest, and an eight-person Street Fighter V tournament – featuring Liquid | NuckleDue and EG | Ricki Ortiz, to name a few. The event is for ages 18+, but aside from that it’s free to enter.

capcom presents drogas light


Lupe Fiasco has recently been in the Fighting Game Community spotlight ever since his sparking interest in Street Fighter V sometime before the titles official launch last year. During the Street Fighter V launch event which took place at The Foundry last year, Lupe Fiasco faced off against Daigo Umehara himself, where Lupe seemingly pulled off an apparent, legitimate win….but we’ll leave that up for debate.

You can learn additional information regarding this years event by visiting the official announcement located here.

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