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Today I wanted to briefly discuss the current situation with our Tournament Organizing, and when you can expect to see us again back on the TO’ing field. First off, I’d like to give a huge thanks once again for all of you who have participated in any of our events we’ve held this year! Though we are still in the very early stages of our recent project re-boot, I’m glad to say we’ve had enormous support since the re-boot and are over-joyed by those of you who have participated in our first official Season of tournaments this year.

The Next Step

As stated in the previous update, my next big focus is fully re-launching the World 3 Gaming Network, (W3GN), our official media content outlet which will provide viewers with both live, and recorded content from all of our future tournaments, events, and gatherings. The W3GN is a very large task, and will require not only a ton of resources, but also a bit of time to develop and fully kick off. I plan to do this in steps, the first in which being the live broadcasting of all of our official online tournament seasoned titles. We will then gradually begin the broadcasting of our offline events and operations once those begin to kick off. The World 3 Gaming Network will be our central media hub, located on both Twitch.TV and YouTube, featuring all of our content, live and recorded respectively. 

With much focus being put into the organizing and planning phase to kick off our offline operations this Summer, I have ultimately decided to postpone our upcoming tournament season into June, instead of the planned Spring tournament season which was to take place during this month. While this will indeed be crucial time lost for holding tournaments, and overall spreading our name out into the community; this will also give me time to begin pushing other things that have been lacking such as frequent eSports news, as well as staff recruitment. Overall, the month of May will now be a month full of networking, staff recruitment, offline operations planning, and W3GN development. I feel ultimately, if utilized efficiently, this time will benefit a lot of things later on as well move into the Summer months.

As we move close into June, more details will be announced regarding our official Summer 2015 tournament season, and which titles will be featured. This is only the beginning everyone, expect to hear a lot more from us from here on out.

Please be sure to keep an eye out on our official website, as well as our social media outlets as more updates and announcements roll out. You won’t want to miss them!


Thank you for your time and keep on gaming!



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