It’s been a very long day at SPL as both matches strung all the way to ACE series! Today we saw both Prime vs CJ Entus, and KT Rolster vs SKT. Both matches in which were very anticipated by us spectators.  With very early game wins series from both teams, I was almost sure each match would result into a 3-0. However, it only took one match to bring things have to even ground as both teams battled it out to the final match! Miss out on today’s action? You can check out the official results below!

Prime vs CJ Entus Results


Prime L: 2-3

CJ Entus W:3-2

MyuNgSiK (P) L: 1

sKyHigh (T) W: 1

YoDa (P) L: 1

herO (T) W: 1

TerrOr (T) W: 1

ByuL (Z) L: 1

Creator (P) W: 1

Bbyong (T) L: 1

ACE – MyuNgSiK L: 1 (P)

ACE – ByuL W: 1 (Z)


KT Rolster vs SKT Results


KT Rolster W: 3-2

SKT L: 2-3

Stats (P) W: 1

soO (Z) L: 1

Zest (P) W: 1

Billowy (P) L: 1

Flash (T) L: 1

Dark (Z) W: 1

TY (T)L: 1

INnoVation (T) W: 1

ACE – Zest (P) W: 1

ACE – Dark (Z) L: 1

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