The original Pokken Tournament was a title with a ton of competitive potential which was however, unfortunately held back due to the games limiting offline multiplayer design on the Wii U console. While of course, Japanese players did not have to suffer this same fate as the Wii U owners, due to the games presence in Japanese arcades; it ultimately made the game difficult to be considered a proper competitive title due to the limitations it held on the Wii U.

Pokken Tournament DX however, has recently launched on the Nintendo Switch. This version of the title released earlier last year in Japanese arcades only, and featured new characters and stages. With the updated version of the title having finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch a few weeks back, it’s high time for lovers of the game to help push the title within the competitive community; as Nintendo and Bandai Namco has provided the players with the perfect tools, and are continuing to add more!

With an update soon to be arriving on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, players will be able to team-up with their friends in a new online team battle mode, where two friends will form teams of three Pokemon each and go head to head against another team of players. The update will also add a new group section/group match in online battle mode, where players will have a shot at receiving special titles. Ranked mode will also be receiving new perks, as new titles will be available for players to earn as they progress through certain ranks. Last of the update that has been confirmed so far, is also an option to control the opposing Pokemon in free training mode, with the ability to record it’s movements so you’ll be able to practice against certain situations that you might have previously only been able to engage with during an actual match.


Overall, it seems like Bandai Namco and Nintendo are really trying to capitalize on the Switch’s strong points and features, and are improving the Pokken Tournament DX experience on the system, as time goes by. With the game offering LAN support for offline play, it’s now more easier than ever for tournaments to be held on the system. Even older Pokken Tournament controllers which released for the Wii U are accessible with the Switch version. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a group of friends, and get some matches in!


More information regarding the upcoming update will be revealed via the games official website.

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