Ever since the release of the strongly desired Private Match feature on Bungie/Activisions Destiny: Rise of Iron; players and the community as a whole have been wondering where exactly things will go from here in terms of eSports support for the title. While the release of a private match feature is definitely a step in the right direction, the lack of a spectator option or even a spectator mode within the Private Match feature, kind of stops any eSports momentum the game currently has.

Despite this Electronic Sports League (ESL), have announced their first ever Destiny online tournament, which is set to take place this Sunday, January 8th for European players. The tournament will take place on PlayStation 4, and will feature the more traditional FPS format of 4v4. The tournament is also taking a unique route, and completely banning all exotic armor, as some of the armor can arguably provide an unfair advantage in competitive play.


Signups are currently open right now, so if you and your squad have already proven yourselves to be a strong wolf within Trials of Osiris and or Iron Banner; you’ll be definitely want to give a shot at this event. You can signup for the tournament, as well as view all official rules and regulations by visiting the official page located here.

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