SXSw 2017 is set to kick off thing weekend, and Street Fighter V will be at the show!

Twitch Esports will be holding a special Street Fighter V invitational event entitled “Fighters Underground”, that will be taking place at SXSW. The event is set to feature many notable players who were 2016 Capcom Cup finalists, as well as other prominent competitive Street Fighter V players.

The full lineup consists of the following players:

  • Snake Eyez
  • Ricki Ortiz
  • Momochi
  • K-Brad
  • Justin Wong
  • Punk
  • FourWude
  • Luffy
  • Gamerbee
  • Smug
  • NuckleDu
  • Phenom
  • RB
  • Danke
  • Chris Tatarian
  • Filipino Champ


The Fighters Underground event is set to feature a prize pool of $20,000, with the overall invitational being divided into two groups. The event will feature a round robin format, where each player will face off against every player in their group.


K-Brad, Punk, Nuckledu, and SMUG are definitely the players that have been making the most waves in the Street Fighter V scene as of lately, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out on their performance this upcoming weekend, when the event officially kicks off.



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