A few years back, I started growing very fond of these annual, very homie and humble eSport events which tend to take place across many different genres in many different locations; Seat Story Cup and the Smash Summit just to name a few.

But another one is the annual Spring Fighter events which take place at the New York University Game Center. The 2017 dates for the event have officially been announced, with it taking place on Saturday, April 8th at 10am – 10pm EST.

This years event will feature Street Fighter V, The King of Fighters XIV, and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev as part of the tournaments, with a variety of prizes being offered for each game. The biggest prize however, is that the winner of the Street Fighter V tournament will receive a free flight to EVO 2017, fully covered by NYU Game Center.

Each year the NYU Game Center invites a veteran of the fighting game community to share their thoughts about their career in fighting games, the scene, and life in general, with Seth Killian. In the past we’ve hosted such greats as Daigo Umehara, Alex Valle, and Ricki Ortiz, and this year we’ve invited another storied player, LI Joe. The interview will take place right before the Top 8 in Street Fighter V.


The annual Spring Fighter tournament is just such a well-produced tournament, and though I’ve never attended it in person, the stream and production is always top notch, making it one of the most enjoyable smaller tournaments to spectate.


You can learn more information about Spring Fighter 2017, as well as sign up for the event by visiting the official Event page located here.



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