While some leagues may be fairly unbalanced when it comes to providing an equal amount of qualifier events across each region individual region, Capcom is no slouch.

Recently, Capcom’s Matt Edwards and Logan Sama, host of the WinnerStaysOn stream, announced some of the upcoming European events which will officially be apart of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour. Dates and locations were also announced alongside the events, and are as follows:

  • Sonic Boom Summer Edition – April 1-2; Madrid, Spain
  • Ultimate Fighting Arena – April 8-9; Paris, France
  • Hypespotting VI: April 15 – Glasgow, Scotland
  • The Colosseum: May 6-7 – Rome, Italy
  • FFM Rumble 10: May 19-21 – Frankfurt, Germany


Aside from Ultimate Fighting Arena, which has been confirmed to be a Premier event, no further information has been detailed as of yet regarding which events are set to be Premier and which are set to be ranking. but you can expect at least a few other of the events currently listed to be ranking events, as Matt Edwards confirmed that there is likely to be about 13 Capcom Pro Tour Events in Europe, with up to 3 Premier Events.


This years Capcom Pro Tour is going to be a fairly interesting one, especially with many players now fully switched over to Street Fighter V, and not to mention a host of brand new characters to the Street Fighter universe on the way. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Street Fighter V, this years CPT is definitely something work keeping an eye on.

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